General Questions

Novohunt is a website that connects Lebanese entrepreneurs with the wide Lebanese diaspora around the world to share, vote and converse about the latest innovations created by Lebanese start-ups. Yup, too much brain drain. Time to give back.
You might not like this, but the platform is on an invite-only basis (think Gmail in 2004). The only way to join is to know someone who is a member to nominate you. Lebanon is a small country and everyone knows each other, so we’re confident you’ll find someone. If you’re so desperate, send us an email and tell us in 60 words or less why we should add you.
Once someone invites you and you become a member, you can:
  • Like startups. When you do, we will save them in your profile. One thump up.
  • Comment, i.e. ask questions to the founder, provide advice and participate in discussions. Once you do, we will aggregate your comments in your profile. Two thumbs up.
  • Message directly the founders. Isn’t that awesome?
Once someone invites you and you become a member, you can log in and submit your startup by clicking on “+ Add Startup” under “Profile” on the top right. The information required is straightforward and include:
  • Name, Tagline, Summary
  • Category
  • Tags (so you appear in search results)
  • Links to your apps (Android, iOS)
  • Media (logo, cover page, pictures, youtube video)
We’ll take it from there. Expect your startup to be live within 24 hours.
Founders are highlighted with an “F” badge so you can easily spot them in the discussions.
Not yet, but it’s in the making. We’re just figuring out how to do it.
Some of our members are eager to list cool innovations that they know about. If you’re the founder of a startup that you didn’t list, contact us and we’ll arrange for you to take over the content. In the unlikely scenario that you hate what you see, we can take the content down as per our policy.